Delightful, 2.25-inch, holiday ornaments. Just over 4" tall, including the hook.

We use vintage holiday gift wrap and embossed foil to make one-of-a-kind ornaments. You can request vintage holiday paper or silver, red or gold foil for your background. Most of my foils have a subtle texture or pattern etched into them.


The wrapping papers we collect for the backgrounds have images of candles, Santas, snowmen, snowflakes, holly, sleighs and other holiday themes. We are particularly fond of mid-century modern papers, though also have some from the 1940's and a few that are a bit more recent. Each one will be made with a different scrap of paper - and will be totally unique! 


If there is a background you would like, please let us know in the Notes to Seller section.

Bend, Oregon Holiday Ornament